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Sukabumi Immigration Deports 4 Illegal Foreign Workers from China

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Sukabumi - Sukabumi's Class II Immigration Office deported four Chinese foreign workers (TKA). They were working in Indonesia without proper documents.

Immigration officers raided the four foreign workers at the location of the construction of eel ponds in Ujunggenteng Village, Ciracap District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java.

Sukabumi Zulmanur Arif, Immigration Oversight and Law Enforcement Section Head, said that during the raid there were five foreign workers from China, but one of them could show immigration document.

"Report from the Foreigners Monitoring Team (Timpora) on September 27, after receiving the information that night I went with several officers to the location in the Ciracap Sub-district area. We spent the night there and only moved the next day or on Friday (28/9 ) to the location, "Zulmanur told the media crew on Wednesday (03/10/2018).

Reports received by Immigration from Timpora stated that there were activities of foreigners at the pond construction site. After checking directly it turned out that the farm was indeed managed by a foreigner from PT LBI.

"There were five people, at that time only one person could show document in the form of nationality passport while the other four could not. It was in accordance with immigration supervision standards if a foreigner was not able to show documents in the form of passports the officers were obliged to give time for document retrieval. But after the certain limited time passed, they failed to provide their passports to the immigration, then we secured them to the office", He said.

The officer then conducts a marathon investigation, the results then reported to the Head of Immigration Class II Sukabumi, Hasrullah. The decision is that the four Chinese foreign workers will be sent back to their country.

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