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Immigration Prepares 420 Officials and 7 Special Counters Welcomes IMF Delegation

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MANGUPURA, – As a readiness to welcome the IMF-WB Annual Meeting delegation, various preparations were made. To carry out immigration checks, as many as 420 immigration officials were prepared at Ngurah Rai airport.

As stated by the Director General of Immigration, Inspector General of Police (Ret) Dr Drs Ronny Franky Sompie, S.H., M.H., from the 420 immigration officials serving at the immigration management center, 300 people will be directed to serve for the regular passengers. Meanwhile, as many as 120 people will be directed specifically to serve guests from IMF-WB participants. "Everything is ready. And, it is probable that the 4th and 5th October will be last checked by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and the team from the secretariat general, "he said after checking the readiness of the immigration officer at Ngurah Rai airport on Friday (28/9).

He said, specifically for the IMF-WB Annual Meeting, the Immigration has prepared  special immigration counters. At Ngurah Rai airport, 7 special arrival counters were prepared, including 1 special VIP and VVIP counter. "Indeed we serve specifically to make it easier for them to enter during the immigration examination," he said.


However, he explained, the inspection will be the same as what is done for regular passengers on weekdays. Immigration check is carried out for every foreign national entering Indonesia whether they are on the list of prevention or deterrence. Are they included in the Interpol search list, it is also a part that must be examined. "And the most important thing is that foreigners entering Indonesia are foreigners who are not bring harm to the state," he explained.

The immigration check for delegation will be conducted accordingly as usual standard. The delegation of this special international meetings will be directed into special lines to distinguish from regular passengers.

Immigration officials who carry out the task are 120 in total. They will be divided into three units. Each unit has one supervisor and four assistants who will oversee and responsible for documents and guests examination conducted by the officials, while the guests goods and baggages will be checked by the Customs and Quarantine.

He said, at the airport, in addition to immigration checks, there will also be Customs for inspection of goods. As well as an examination if there is someone carrying animals or plants done by the Quarantine. "Customs, Immigration & Quarantine (CIQ), become one unit at the airport. And we work with AP 1 and Avsec officers for security checks, "he concluded. (yudi karnaedi / balipost)



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