41 Illegal Immigrants from Vietnam Secured by the Police in NTT Waters

Kompas.com - 27/10/2017

KUPANG, KOMPAS.com - A total of 41 illegal immigrants from Vietnam, secured by the officers of the Police Department Police Directorate of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).
NTT Police Public Relations Division Head Kombes Jules Abraham Abast said, dozens of immigrants were secured in the waters of Tablolong, Kupang Barat District, Kupang District, NTT.
According to Jules, the immigrants were secured after receiving reports from the Tablolong people who saw them aboard the ship being stranded.
"Based on the results of the examination last night, it is known that they will sail to New Zealand," Jules told Kompas.com, Friday (27/10/2017) morning.
Jules detailed that of the 41 illegal immigrants were five children under five, five women and the rest were men.
From the interim results, the illegal immigrants will sail to New Zealand. But on their way to New Zealand, their ship ran out of fuel and food.
"We are still being recorded and will be submitted to Kupang Immigration," he concluded.



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