A German Citizen Deported from Labuan Bajo, this is the Reason of Immigration Office

Friday, 23 March 2018 13:56

LABUAN BAJO | - Irina Fetzer (46), a German citizen, deported by Labuan Bajo Immigration Office.

The Head of Labuan Bajo Immigration Office, Robertus Ferdian A. Sidharta, explained that Irina was deported on Thursday (22/3/2018) for two reasons.

First, the woman’s work was not in accordance with what listed in her permit.

“She admits that besides working as a finance director, she is also a dive master. A foreigner is not allowed to occupy two positions, this is also regulated in the labour law,” Robertus told reporter in his office, Friday (23/3/2018).

He added that in Irina’s work permit, her position is a finance director.

The second reason, according to Robertus, she was deported because she did not report to immigration when she changed her address.

According to Robertus, a foreigner is obligated to report to immigration when he/she moved to another place.

Irina returned to her country from Labuan Bajo through Denpasar. There were two immigration officers escorted her from Labuan bajo to Denpasar.


Contributor: Servan Mammilianus 

Translated by: Yessy Successly

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