Bengkalis Immigration Arrested Two Chinese Selling Ice Cream

Bengkalis Immigration Arrested Two Chinese Selling Ice Cream

Wednesday, 21 March 2018 06:51 a.m.

BENGKALIS – Two Chinese were arrested by Bengkalis Immigration, Riau Province, for their alleged violation of immigration regulation by selling ice cream in Bengkalis area. The two foreigners who came from Jinli, China, were adalah ZY (27) and ZS (52), which were a father and his child.

“We got information from the people since February 4th and investigated it immediately,” said the Head of Bengkalis Immigration Office, Toto Suryanto, in his statement on Wednesday (21/3) in Bengkalis.

He said that these two foreigners were suspected because when serving the ice cream to the customers, they used code and sign language to communicate. When selling the ice cream for a month, both of them were not using Indonesian language.

He said that ZY has a Limited Stay Permit (Itas) and ZS only has a visit permit. “For ZS, doing a trade is not allowed in visit permit, thus he was alleged of doing immigration violation,” he said.

Whereas ZY, even though he had Itas and was allowed to work in Indonesia, he was involved in providing a chance for his father to commit immigration crime.

“With the alleged violation, both suspects are charged with a maximum of 5 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of Rp 500 million. For the arrest, we’ll leave it entirely up to the investigator, whether they would be arrested or not,” he said.

In the arrest, the officers confiscated some evidence from the suspects, namely two passports, ice cream wraps made in Indonesia, calculator, and Rp 700 thousand resulted from selling the ice cream.

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Translated by: Yessy Successly

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