South Jakarta Immigration Office Use Online Queue to Overcome Middlemen

South Jakarta Immigration Office Use Online Queue to Overcome Middlemen

Monday 02 April 2018, 18:59 WIB

Jakarta  -Middlemen become a problem in public service agencies, include when applying for passports. South Jakarta Immigration Office will rely on an online system ( online) to deal with brokers in passports.

This was conveyed by the Head of South Jakarta Special Class Immigration Office, Hamzah, after being inaugurated at South Jakarta Immigration Office, Jl Buncit Raya, Monday (2/4/2018). He was sworn in to replace Agus Wijaya, who has been working for four months. 

"Of course with the development of systematic application that has been proclaimed by the Directorate General Immigration, all will get the same service (without brokers)," said Hamzah.

He also ensures no more long time in processing a passport application. Registration queue can be done online. 

"In the future, we expect no more complaints from the public for days, weeks," he said.

As a newly elected official, he will take a closer look at the issues at the Immigration Office. If there is any shortage, Hamzah will fix it soon. 

"But in general (immigration service) in South Jakarta is good enough," said Hamzah.

In the handover ceremony, Agus Wijaya explained, the employees used to work until late at night, even until morning, to print a passport. His record, 1,000 passports for a day. 

Hamzah previously served in the Immigration Office of South Jakarta as Head of General Affairs at the Immigration Office for the period of 2009-2011. Now he will optimize the service here. 

"We will also serve the prospective pilgrims, therefore, in the next few months we also have to prepare the best service for the pilgrims," said Hamzah.

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